ColdFusion - Connection timeouts on bulk cfhttp requests on Windows


While pumping lots of records / docs / bulk inserts to the new CouchDB Server i got a mysterious connection timeout that appeared always after about 4000+ inserted records.

By using cfhttp.errorDetail i got the error:

I/O Exception: Address already in use: connect

To save you some time here is what i found.

Starting with Windows 2003 Microsoft reduced the amount of connections to user ports. I did not check it but it seems that it will be the same behaviour in Windows 2008 and Vista. Here’s what Microsofts KB196271 says:

  1. Start Registry Editor.

  2. Locate the following subkey in the registry, and then click Parameters:

  3. On the Edit menu, click New, and then add the following registry entry:
    Value Name: MaxUserPort
    Value Type: DWORD
    Value data: 65534
    Valid Range: 5000-65534 (decimal)
    Default: 0x1388 (5000 decimal)
    Description: This parameter controls the maximum port number that is used when a program requests any available user port from the system. Typically, ephemeral (short-lived) ports are allocated between the values of 1024 and 5000 inclusive. After the release of security bulletin MS08-037, the behavior of Windows Server 2003 was changed to more closely match that of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. For more information about Microsoft security bulletin MS08-037, click the following article numbers to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    • KB951746: Description of the security update for DNS in Windows Server 2008, in Windows Server 2003, and in Windows 2000 Server (DNS server-side): July 8, 2008
    • KB951748: Description of the security update for DNS in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, and in Windows 2000 Server (client side): July 8, 2008
    • KB953230: Vulnerabilities in DNS could allow spoofing Exit Registry Editor, and then restart the computer.

OK, now relax.

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